Prime rib, salmon, crab dip, roasted potatoes ...
Bliss Bar
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  • Smoked Ham, Honey-Baked & Glazed Over
                 Our famous "Easy to Get You Full" smoked, glazed ham.
  • Sliced Roasted Breast of Turkey
                 Flavor-enriched breast of turkey, ready to eat!
  • Southern Candied Yams
                 The way Grandma used to make them!
  • Bliss Flavors Broccoli & Cheese Casserole
                 This smooth, cheesy dish, fresh select broccoli, prepared with blissful care!
  • Bliss Flavors Southern Green Beans
                 Signature dish. Guess the flavors.
  • Bliss Flavors Cornbread Dressing
                  Yes, this is Grandma's recipe! No guessing!
  • Blended Cranberry Sauce
                  Chilled cranberry sauce!
  • Sweet Treats
  • Lemon Round Cake & Chocolate Round Cake
                  Selected to delight you!
  • Beverages
                  Tangy-sweet lemonade or unsweetened/sweetened ice tea.
                                                                            $28.95 per guest
                                        (Selections may be substituted to create your menu from this package.)

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