Guests were tantalized by this variety of hors d' oeuvres selections for 200 guests.  Festive Shrimp Kebabs, Cajun Crab Dip with Gourmet Crackers, Scallops wrapped in bacon, Chicken Egg Rolls and Bliss Chicken Salad on Croissants. Fruit trays and displays with cheese added a special touch to this event.  Red party punch completed this package.  Head table, cake table, gift table, and chair covers were graced in white satin. Guest tables were covered with white linen accentend with colorful centerpieces. Our Italian cream cake with fresh roses in each tier fascinated the guests.

This package was 24.95 per guest, excluding tax and services.

Over 180 guests enjoyed this celebration.
Simple and cute; sweet and tasty.   This event created an expensive flavor at a low cost.  Honey mustard grilled breast of chicken, red roasted potatoes, wine glazed vegetable medley, and croissants were surrounded by displays of fruit and cheese trays.  Golden fruit punch was included. The low lights gave room for the candles to gleam.  Crystal globlets with lilac and ivy leaves adorned the tables.     

This package was $16.95 per guest, excluding tax and services.